Metal Roof Galvanized

METAL ROOFING SCREWS Bulk 1-1/2 (1000) Colored Metal Siding and Roofing Screws

METAL ROOFING SCREWS Bulk 1-1/2 (1000) Colored Metal Siding and Roofing Screws

METAL ROOFING SCREWS Bulk 1-1/2 (1000) Colored Metal Siding and Roofing Screws    METAL ROOFING SCREWS Bulk 1-1/2 (1000) Colored Metal Siding and Roofing Screws
#10 x 1-1/2 Sheet Metal Roofing Screws. (Metal Siding Screws - 1000 Count). These self starting roofing screws help take the headache out of sheet metal roof and siding installation. Our metal roofing screws are galvanized for corrosion resistance. Product has under gone 1,000 hour salt spray corrosion testing without failures. The color on the screw heads is painted with a two part polyurethane for long life. The EPDM washer will seal the screw to the roof to prevent leaking. These metal-to-wood screws are great sheet metal roofing screws to use on any metal roofing or siding project. Installing roofing on a house, porch, airplane hangar, shed, pole barn, shop, barn or lean-to.

Galvanized (Zinc) Screws are Not Painted - Gray Color Comes from Galvanizing Process. ONLY screw head is painted to ensure EPDM washer seals to metal roof. NO paint on the threads to maximize holding strength. Please keep in mind when choosing the best screw color to match your roofing that differences in computer screens, in sheet metal roofing production and roofing screw production, the color you order and the color of your roofing may vary to some degree. Jake Sales a subsidiary of Totoly Jake, Inc.

In the beautiful Flathead Valley. We are located in Kalispell, MT just minutes from Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana. We have been in the online fulfillment business since 2009. The Dropdown menus beside the screw images below provide a list of some. Other names that these colors are called by various other companies.

HEMLOCK GREEN - Other Names. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Hemlock Green. A B Martin - Beige.

Brookline Metal Roofing - Ivory. Buckeye Metal Sales - Ivory. Dave's Metal Roofing - Ivory.

Graber Post Buildings - Ivory. Harlan Steel Building - Ivory. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Cobblestone. Ideal Roofing - Antique Linen.

J & L Metal - Ivory. Lewis Hill Sales - Ivory. Lyon Metal Roofing - Ivory. Martin Metal LLC - Ivory. Mid Park Metals - Beige. Ridge N Valley - Ivory. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Ivory. Stony Point Metals - Beige. Tri-State Components (NC) - Pebble Beige. United Steel Supply - Ivory. World Class Corrugating - Pebble Beige. A B Martin - Black. Agri-Metal Supply - Stealth Black. America Best Siding - Stealth Black. ASI Improvement Co - Stealth Black. Brookline Metal Roofing - Black. Buckeye Metal Sales - Black. Cons Metal Prod - Black. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Black.

Dave's Metal Roofing - Black. Deal's Metal Sales - Stealth Black.

Global Metal Manufactures - Matte Black. Graber Post Buildings - Black. Graber Post Buildings - Shiny Black. H & H Metal Products - Black. Harlan Steel Building - Black.

Hixwood Metal Roofing - Black. J & L Metal - Matte Black. Jamaestown Steel Company - Ebony Black. Jet Metals - Coal Black. Laurel Valley Hardware - Black (06).

Lewis Hill Sales - Black. Lyon Metal Roofing - Black. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Matte Black. Mac Metal Sales - Black. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Ebony Black. Martin Metal LLC - Shiny Black.

Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Black. McElroy Metal - Matte Black.

Metal Exteriors - Matte Black. Metal Sales - Black (06). Mid Park Metals - Black. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Stealth Black. Mill Steel - Valspar - Black.

North Star Metals - Black. Paramount Coils - Matte Black.

Piedmont Door Service LLC - Stealth Black. Quality Metal Roofing - Black. Ridge N Valley - Matte Black. Roach Metals - Stealth Black. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Black. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Shiny Black. Sheffield Metals - Matte Black. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Black.

Stony Point Metals - Black. Tri-State Components (NC) - Black.

United Steel Supply - Black. World Class Corrugated - Black. PATINA GREEN - Other Names. A B Martin - Patina Green.

Cons Metal Prod - Patina Green. Jamaestown Steel Company - Colon Green. Jamaestown Steel Company - Patina Green. Laurel Valley Hardware - Patina Green (58). Lester Buildings - Colony Green. McElroy Metal - Patina Green. Metal Sales - Patina Green (58). Metro Metals - Colony Green. Qualiform Metals - Patina Green. Rigidply Rafters - Patina Green. Sheffield Metals - Aged Copper. Wytheville Metals - Patina Green. LIGHT STONE - Other Names.

Freedom Metals - Light Stone. Global Metal Manufactures - Light Stone. Hamill Metals - Light Stone.

Jet Metals - Light Stone. Kyfus Metal - Light Stone. Laurel Valley Hardware - Light Stone (63).

Lewis Hill Sales - Light Stone. Mac Metal Sales - Light Stone. Marco Metals - Light Stone.

Martin Metal LLC - Stone. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Light Stone. Metal Exteriors - Light Stone. Metal Sales - Light Stone (63). Mid Park Metals - Light Stone.

Mill Steel - Valspar - Light Stone. North Star Metals - Light Stone. Paramount Coils - Light Stone. Piedmont Door Service - Light Stone. Qualiform Metals - Light Stone.

Quality Metal Roofing - Light stone. Ridge N Valley - Light Stone. Rigidply Rafters - Light Stone. Ritter Circle - Light Stone. Roach Metals - Light Stone.

Rustic Ridge (WI) - Stone. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Light stone. Stony Point Metals - Light Stone. Taylor Steel - Light Stone.

Tri-State Components (NC) - Light Stone. Union Steel - Light Stone. United Steel Supply - Light Stone. World Class Corrugating - Sandstone. WV Metal - Light Stone. Wytheville Metals - Light stone.

Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Lightstone. A B Martin - Classic Green. America Best Siding - Emerald Green. ASI Improvement CO - Emerald Green. Cons Metal Prod - Classic Green.

D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Evergreen. Global Metal Manufactures - Hunter Green. Graber Post Buildings - Evergreen. Hamill Metals - Hunter Green. Harlan Steel Building - Hunter.

Hixwood Metal Roofing - Evergreen. J & L Metal - Hunter Green. Jamaestown Steel Company - Emarld Green. JD Metals - Hunter Green. Jet Metals - Forest Green.

Kloeckner Metals - Southern Green. Longreach Steel - Emerald Green. Luthy Metal Sales - Hunter Green. Lyon Metal Roofing - Classic Green.

Lyon Metal Roofing - Southern Green. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Classic Green. Marco Metals - Hunter Green. Martin Metal LLC - Evergreen. Metal Exteriors - Hunter Green.

Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Emerald Green. Mill Steel - Valspar - Evergreen. North Star Metals - Green. Paramount Coils - Hunter Green. Piedmont Door Service - Emerald Green. Ridge N Valley - Hunter Green. Roach Metals - Emerald Green. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Evergreen. Tri-State Components (NC) - Evergreen.

United Steel Supply - Evergreen. World Class Corrugated - Evergreen.

WV Metal - Forest Green. Wytheville MetaLs - Forest Green. SURREY BEIGE - Other Names. Flexospan - #390 Surrey Beige. McElroy Metal - Surrey Beige.

BRIGHT WHITE - Other Names. A B Martin - Brite White. American Roofing - Brite White. Brookline Metal Roofing - Brite White. Buckeye Metal Sales - Pure White. Central States - Brilliant White. Champion Building - Polar White. Cons Metal Prod - Stone White. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Polar White. Dave's Metal Roofing - Polar White.

Flexospan - #360 Regal White. Freedom Metals - Brite White.

Global Metal Manufactures - Brilliant White. Graber Post Buildings - Bright White. Hamill Metals - Polar White. Harlan Steel Building - Brilliant White.

Hixwood Metal Roofing - Bright White. Ideal Roofing - Polar White.

Integrity Metals - Bright White. Interstate Metals - Bright White.

J & L Metal - Brilliant White. Jamaestown Steel Company - Polar White. JD Metals - Bright White.

Jensing Bridge - Bright White. Jet Metals - Polar White. Kyfus Metal - Pure White. Laurel Valley Hardware - Brite White (39). Lester Buildings - Liner White.

Lester Buildings - Snow White. Luthy Metal Sales - Brilliant White.

Lyon Metal Roofing - White. Mac Metal Sales - Brite White. Marco Metals - Brite White.

Martin Metal LLC - Brite White. McElroy Metal - Regal White.

Metal Exteriors - Brilliant White. Metal Sales - Brite White (39). Metro Metals - Regal White. Mid-Park Metals - Brite White. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Polar White. Mill Steel - Valspar - Polar White. North Star Metals - White. Paramount Coils - Brilliant White.

Qualiform Metals LLC - Brite White. Quality Metal Roofing - Brite White. Ridge N Valley - Brilliant White.

Rigidply Rafters - Brite White. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Brite White. Sheffield Metals - Regal White.

Slabaugh Metal Sales - Liner White. Stony Point Metals - Brite White. Taylor Steel - Brite White. Tri-State Components (NC) - White. Union Steel - Arctic White.

United Steel Supply - Brite White. World Class Corrugating - White.

Wytheville Metals - Artic White. FOREST GREEN - Other Names.

Agri-Metal Supply - Forest Green. America Best Siding - Forest Green. ASI Improvement Co - Forest Green.

Brookline Metal Roofing - Ivy Green. Buckeye Metal Sales - Forest Green.

D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Ivy Green. Dave's Metal Roofing - Ivy Green. Deal's Metal Sales - Forest Green. Freedom Metals - Forest Green. Global Metal Manufactures - Dark Green. Harlan Steel Building - Forest. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Forest Green.

Ideal Roofing - Forest Green. Integrity Metals - Ivy Green. Interstate Metals - Hunter Green.

J & L Metal - Dark Green. JD Metals - Ivy Green. Kloeckner Metals - Forest Green.

Kyfus Metal - Forest Green. Laurel Valley Hardware - Forest Green (26). Lewis Hill Sales - Ivy Green.

Luthy Metal Sales - Dark Green. Lyon Metal Roofing - Forest Green. Mac Metal Sales - Green. Marco Metals - ivy Green.

Metal Exteriors - Dark Green. Metal Sales - Forest Green (26). Metro Metals - Ivy Green. Mid Park Metals - Forest Green. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Forest Green. Mill Steel - Valspar - Ivy Green. Miller Metal - Forest Green.

North Star Metals - Kelly Green. Paramount Coils - Dark Green.

Piedmount Door Service - Forest Green. Qualiform Metals - Forest Green. Quality Metal Roofing - Forest Green. Ridge N Valley - Dark Green. Ritter Circle - Ivy Green.

Roach Metals - Forest Green. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Forest Green. Stony Point Metals - Forest Green. Taylor Steel - Forest Green. Tri-State Components (NC) - Forest Green.

United Steel Supply - Ivy Green. Wytheville Metals - Ivy Green.

A B Martin - Tan. Agri-Metal Supply - Sahara Tan. ASI Improvement Co - Sahara Tan. Brookline Metal Roofing - Saddle Tan. Champion States - Saddle Tan.

Dave's Metal Roofing - Saddle Tan. Deal's Metal Sales - Sahara Tan. Freedom Metals - Sahara Tan. Global Metal Manufactures - Tan. Graber Post Buildings - Tan.

H & H Metal Products - Tan. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Rawhide. J & L Metal - Tan. Jamaestown Steel Company - Sahara Tan. Kloeckner Metals - Mocha Tan.

Kyfus Metal - Mocha Tan. Laurel Valley Hardware - Moch Tan (22). Lewis Hill Sales - Tan. Longreach Steel - Mocha Tan.

Luthy Metal Sales - Tan. Lyon Metal Roofing - Mocha Tan. Mac Metal Sales - Tan. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Sahara Tan. Martin Metal LLC - Tan.

Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Sahara Tan. Metal Sales - Mocha Tan (22). Metro Metals - Saddle Tan.

Mid Park Metals - Sahara Tan. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Sahara Tan. Mill Steel - Valspar - Saddle Tan.

Miller Metal - Mocha Tan. North Star Metals - Tan. Piedmont Door Service - Sahara Tan. Qualiform Metals - Mocha Tan.

Quality Metal Roofing - Sierra Tan. Ridge N Valley - Tan.

Ritter Circle - Saddle Tan. Roach Metals - Sahara Tan. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Tan. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Mocha Tan.

Stony Point Metals - Sahara Tan. Taylor Steel - Sahara Tan. Tri-State Components (NC) - Tan.

Union Steel - Sahara Tan. United Steel Supply - Saddle Tan. World Class Corrugating - Rawhide.

BONE WHITE - Other Names. A B Martin - Bone White. America Best Siding - Polar White.

ASI Improvement Co - Polar White. Brookline Metal Roofing - Polar White. Deal's Metal Sales - Polar White. Freedom Metals - Polar White.

Global Metal Manufactures - Alamo White. Graber Post Buildings - White. H & H Metal Products - White. Hamill Metals - Bone White.

Harlan Steel Building - Alamo. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Bone White. JD Metals - Bone White.

Jensing Bridge - Ragal White. Laurel Valley Hardware - White (30). Lester Buildings - Bone White. Lewis Hill Sales - Polar White. Longreach Steel - Polar White.

Luthy Metal Sales - Alamo White. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Bone White. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Stone White. Mac Metal Sales - White. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Polar White. Marco Metals - Bone White. Martin Metal LLC - White. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - White. McElroy Metal - Bone White. Metal Exteriors - Alamo White. Miller Metal - Polar White. Paramount Coils - Alamo White. Piedmont Door Service - Polar White. Quality Metal Roofing - Bone White. Ridge N Valley - Alamo White. Ritter Circle - Polar White.

Roach Metals - Polar White. Rustic Ridge (WI) - White. Sheffield Metals - Stone White. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Polar White. United Steel Supply - Polar white.

World Class Corrugating - Bone White. Wytheville Metals - Bone White. HARTFORD GREEN - Other Names. A B Martin - Hartford Green. Brookline Metal Roofing - Fern Green.

Cons Metal Prod - Hartford Green. Deal's Metal Sales - Fern Green. Graber Post Buildings - Hartford Green. JD Metals - Dark Green.

Kloeckner Metals - Fern Green. Lyon Metal Roofing - Fern Green. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Hartford Green. Marco Metals - Dark Green.

Martin Metal LLC - Hartford Green. McElroy Metal - Hartford Green.

Metro Metals - Fern Green. Rigidply Rafters - Hartford Green. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Hartford Green.

Sheffield Metals - Hartford Green. Wytheville MetaLs - Hartford Green. A B Martin - Clay. Brookline Metal Roofing - Desert Sand. Brookline Metal Roofing - Taupe.

Buckeye Metal Sales - Clay. Dave's Metal Roofing - Dessert Sand.

Deal's Metal Sales - Clay. Global Metal Manufactures - Taupe. Graber Post Buildings - Clay.

H & H Metal Products - Clay. Hamill Metals - Desert Tan.

Harlan Steel Building - Taupe. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Clay. Ideal Roofing - Stone Grey. J & L Metal - Taupe.

Laurel Valley Hardware - Taupe (74). Lewis Hill Sales - Clay. Longreach Steel - Clay Gray.

Luthy Metal Sales - Taupe. Mac Metal Sales - Clay. Martin Metal LLC - Clay. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Desert Sand.

Metro Metals - Desert Sand. Mid Park Metals - Clay. North Star Metals - Clay.

Quality Metal Roofing - Clay. Ridge N Valley - Taupe. Rigidply Rafters - Hickory Moss. Ritter Circle - Desert Sand.

Rustic Ridge (WI) - Clay. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Clay. Stony Point Metals - Clay. Tri-State Components (NC) - Clay.

United Steel Supply - Desert Sand. United Steel Supply - Taupe. World Class Corrugating - Clay. Brookline Metal Roofing - Buckskin. H & H Metal Products - Buckskin. Kloeckner Metals - Buckskin Tan. Lyon Metal Roofing - Buckskin Tan. Mac Metal Sales - Buckskin. United Steel Supply - Buckskin. "ABC Gray" - Other Names. Buckeye Metal Sales - Light Gray. Ideal Roofing - Regent Grey. Integrity Metals - Light Gary. Interstate Metals - Light Gary. JD Metals - Light Gray. Kyfus Metal - Light Gray. Lewis Hill Sales - Light Gray. Marco Metals - Light Gray. Martin Metal LLC - Gray. Union Steel - Pearl Gray. CRIMSON RED - Other Names.

A B Martin - Scarlet Red. Agri-Metal Supply - Brite Red. America Best Siding - Brite Red.

American Roofing - Brite Red. ASI Improvement Co - Brite Red.

Brookline Metal Roofing - Crimson Red. Buckeye Metal Sales - Brite Red.

Champion Building - Crimson Red. Cons Metal Prod - Regal Red. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Brite Red. Dave's Metal Roofing - Crimson Red. Deal's Metal Sales - Brite Red.

Freedom Metals - Brite Red. Global Metal Manufactures - Brite Red. Graber Post Buildings - Crimson Red. Hamill Metals - Crimson Red. Harlan Steel Building - Crimson.

Hixwood Metal Roofing - Crimson Red. Ideal Roofing - Brite Red. Integrity Metals - Bright Red. Interstate Metals - Bright Red.

J & L Metal - Brite Red. JD Metals - Brite Red. Jensing Bridge - Patriot Red. Jet Metals - Brite Red. Kloeckner Metals - Brite Red.

Kyfus Metal - Brite Red. Laurel Valley Hardware - Patriot Red (73). Lewis Hill Sales - Brite Red. Longreach Steel - Patriot Red.

Luthy Metal Sales - Brite Red. Lyon Metal Roofing - Bright Red. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Regal Red.

Mac Metal Sales - Brite Red. Marco Metals - Brite Red.

Martin Metal LLC - Crimson Red. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Brite Red. Metal Exteriors - Brite Red.

Metal Sales - Patriot Red (73). Metro Metals - Crimson Red.

Mid Park Metals - Bright Red. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Bright Red. Mill Steel - Valspar - Crimson Red. Neo Metals - Brite Red. North Star Metals - Brite Red.

Paramount Coils - Brite Red. Piedmont Door Service - Bright Red. Qualiform Metals - Patriot Red. Quality Metal Roofing - Brite Red. Ridge N Valley - Brite Red. Ritter Circle - Crimson Red. Roach Metals - Brite Red.

Rustic Ridge (WI) - Crimson Red. Sheffield Metals - Regal Red.

Slabaugh Metal Sales - Patriot Red. Stony Point Metals - Bright Red. Taylor Steel - Brite Red. Tri-State Components (N) - Brite Red. Union Steel - Patriot Red.

United Steel Supply - Crimson Red. World Class Corrugating - American Red. Wytheville Metals - Patriot Red. ASH GRAY - Other Names. A B Martin - Ash Gray. Agri-Metal Supply - Ash Gray. America Best Siding - Ash Gray. ASI Improvement Co - Ash Gray.

Brookline Metal Roofing - Ash Gray. Champion Building - Ash Gray. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Ash Gray. Dave's Metal Roofing - Ash Gray.

Deal's Metal Sales - Ash Gray. Freedom Metals - Ash Gray. Global Metal Manufactures - Ash Gray. Graber Post Buildings - Gray.

H & H Metal Products - Ash Gray. Hamill Metals - Ash Gray. Harlan Steel Building - Gray. J & L Metal - Ash Gray.

Jamaestown Steel Company - Ash Gray. Jet Metals - Ash Grey. Kloeckner Metals - Ash Gray. Laurel Valley Hardware - Ash Gray (25). Longreach Steel - Ash Gray. Luthy Metal Sales - Ash Gray. Lyon Metal Roofing - Ash Gray. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Ash Gray. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Ash Gray. McElroy Metal - Ash Gray. Metal Exteriors - Ash Gray. Metal Sales - Ash Gray (25). Metro Metals - Ash Gray. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Ash Gray. Mill Steel - Valspar - Ash Gray. Miller Metal - Ash Gray. Paramount Coils - Ash Gray. Piedmont Door Service - Ash Gray. Qualiform Metals - Ash Gray. Ridge N Valley - Ash Gray. Roach Metals - Ash Gray. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Gray.

Sheffield Metals - Ash Gray. Stony Point Metals - Ash Gray. Taylor Steel - Ash gray. Tri-State Components (NC) - Ash Gray. United Steel Supply - Ash Gray.

WV Metal - Ash Gray. A B Martin - Red. Agri-Metal Supply - Barn Red. America Best Siding - Barn Red.

ASI Improvement Co - Barn Red. Brookline Metal Roofing - Rustic Red. Buckeye Metal Sales - Barn Red.

Champion States - Rustic Red. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Rustic Red. Dave's Metal Roofing - Rustic Red. Deal's Metal Sales - Rustic Red. Freedom Metals - Barn Metals.

Global Metal Manufactures - Rustic Red. Graber Post Buildings - Red. H & H Metal Products - Red.

Hamill Metals - Rustic Red. Harlan Steel Building - Rustic. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Rural Red.

Ideal Roofing - Tile Red. Interstate Metals - Barn Red.

J & L Metal - Rustic Red. Jamaestown Steel Company - Country Red. Jet Metals - Country Red.

Kloeckner Metals - Barn Red. Kyfus Metal - Barn Red. Laurel Valley Hardware - Red (24). Lester Buildings - Barn Red. Lewis Hill Sales - Barn Red. Longreach Steel - Barn Red. Luthy Metal Sales - Rustic Red.

Lyon Metal Roofing - Barn Red. Mac Metal Sales - Red.

Maple Lane Metals LLC - Country Red. Marco Metals - Brick Red. Martin Metal LLC - Red.

Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Country Red. McElroy Metal - Autumn Red.

Metal Exteriors - Rustic Red. Metal Sales - Red (24).

Metro Metals - Rustic Red. Mid Park Metals - Barn Red. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Barn Red. Mill Steel - Valspar - Rustic Red. Miller Metal - Barn Red. North Star Metals - Red. Paramount Coils - Rustic Red. Piedmont Door Service - Barn Red. Quailty Metal Roofing - Barn Red. Ridge N Valley - Rustic Red. Rigidply Rafters - Brick Red. Ritter Circle - Rustic Red. Roach Metals - Barn red. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Red. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Barn Red. Stony Point Metals - Barn Red. Taylor Steel - Barn Red.

Tri-State Components (NC) - Barn Red. Union Steel - Terracotta Red. United Steel Supply - Rustic Red. World Class Corrugating - Barn Red.

WV Metal - Barn Red. Wytheville Metals - Brick Red. LITE BROWN - Other Names. JD Metals - Light Brown.

PEWTER GRAY - Other Names. Global Metal Manufactures - Pewter Gray. Integrity Metals - Zinc Gray. J & L Metal - Pewter Gray.

Jensing Bridge - Light Gray. Laurel Valley Hardware - Zinc Grey (29). Lester Buildings - Pewter Gray.

Luthy Metal Sales - Pewter Gray. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Old Town Gray. Metal Exteriors - Pewter Gray. Mid Park Metals - Pewter Gray. North Star Metals - Light Gray.

Paramount Coils - Pewter Gray. Qualiform Metals - Zinc Gray. Ridge N Valley - Pewter Gray. Stony Point Metals - Pewter Gray.

World Class Corrugating - Pewter Gray. DARK RED - Other Names. Brookline Metal Roofing - Dark Red. Buckeye Metal Sales - Dark Red. Dave's Metal roofing - Dark Red. Graber Post Buildings - Dark Red. Integrity Metals - Dark Red. Kloeckner Metals - Dark Red. Laurel Valley Hardware - Dark Red (46).

Lester Buildings - Regal Red. Lyon Metal Roofing - Dark Red.

Mac Metal Sales - Dark Red. Martin Metal LLC - Dark Red. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Dark Red. Metal Sales - Dark Red (46). Qualiform Metals - Dark Red. Quality Metal Roofing - Dark Red. Rigidply Rafters - Brite Red.

Rustic Ridge (WI) - Dark Red. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Dark Red. United Steel Supply - Dark Red.

Wytheville Metals - Dark Red. A B Martin - Brown. Agri-Metal Supply - Cocoa Brown.

America Best Siding - Cocoa Brown. Brookline Metal Roofing - Cocoa Brown.

Buckeye Metal Sales - Cocoa Brown. Champion States - Koko Brown. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Cocoa Brown. Deal's Metal Sales - Cocoa Brown.

Freedom Metals - Cocoa Brown. Global Metal Manufactures - Brown. Graber Post Buildings - Brown. H & H Metal Products - Brown. Harlan Steel Building - Brown. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Earth Brown. J & L Metal - Brown. Jamaestown Steel Company - Cocoa Brown. Jet Metals - Cocoa Brown.

Kloeckner Metals - Koko Brown. Kyfus Metal - Cocoa Brown. Laurel Valley Hardware - Brown (12). Lester Buildings - Earth Brown. Lewis Hill Sales - Brown.

Longreach Steel - Cocoa Brown. Luthy Metal Sales - Brown. Lyon Metal Roofing - Koko Brown. Mac Metal Sales - Brown. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Cocoa brown.

Martin Metal LLC - Brown. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Cocoa Brown. McElroy Metal - Tudor Brown.

Metal Sales - Brown (12). Metro Metals - Koko Brown.

Mid Park Metals - Brown. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Cocoa Brown. Mill Steel - Valspar - Cocoa Brown. Miller Metal - Cocoa Brown. North Star Metals - Brown.

Piedmont Door Service - Cocoa Brown. Quality Metal Roofing - Brown. Ridge N Valley - Brown. Rigidply Rafters - Cocoa Brown. Ritter Circle - Cocoa Brown.

Roach Metals - Cocoa Brown. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Brown. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Cocoa Brown. Stony Point Metals - Brown.

Taylor Steel - Cocoa Brown. Tri-State Components (NC) - Brown. Union Steel - Cocoa Brown. United Steel Supply - Cocoa Brown.

World Class Corrugated - Earth Brown. Wytheville Metals - Cocoa Brown. LIGHT GRAY - Other Names. Quality Metal Roofing - Light Gray.

Rigidply Rafters - Light Gray. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Light Gray. Wytheville Metals - Light Gray. COLONIAL RED - Other Names.

A B Martin - Colonial Red. Cons Metal Prod - Colonial Red. Flexospan - #330 Colonial Red.

Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Colonial Red. McElroy Metal - Colonial Red.

Sheffield Metals - Colonial Red. MANSARD BROWN - Other Names. A B Martin - Mansard Brown.

Cons Metal Prod - Mansard Brown. Laurel Valley Hardware - Mocha Brown (13). Lyon Metal Roofing - Brown. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Mansard Brown. Sheffield Metals - Mansard Brown.

OLD TOWN GRAY - Other Names. APM Building Materials - Ash Gray. Brookline Metal Roofing - Old Town Gray. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Old Town Gray. Dave's Metal Roofing - Old Town Gray.

Mill Steel - Valspar - Old Town Gray. Miller Metal - Old Town Gray. Ritter Circle - Old Town Gray.

United Steel Supply - Old Town Gray. Mill Steel - Valspar - Berry.

A B Martin - Burgundy. America Best Siding - Burgundy. ASI Improvement Co - Burgundy.

Brookline Metal Roofing - Berry. Buckeye Metal Sales - Burgundy. Cons Metal Prod - Burgundy. Dave's Metal Roofing - Berry. Deal's Metal Sales - Burgundy.

Global Metal Manufactures - Burgundy. Graber Post Buildings - Burgandy. Harlan Steel Building - Burgandy.

Hixwood Metal Roofing - Burgundy. J & L Metal - Burgundy. Laurel Valley Hardware - Burgundy (15). Lewis Hill Sales - Burgundy.

Luthy Metal Sales - Burgundy. Lyon Metal Roofing - Burgundy. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Burgundy. Mac Metal Sales - Plum.

Maple Lane Metals LLC - Burgundy. Martin Metal LLC - Burgundy. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Burgundy. Metal Sales - Burgundy (15). Mid Park Metals - Burgundy.

Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Burgundy. North Star Metals - Burgundy. Piedmont Door Service - Burgundy. Quality Metal Roofing - Berry. Ridge N Valley - Burgundy.

Rigidply Rafters - Classic Burgundy. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Burgundy. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Burgundy. Stony Point Metals - Burgundy. Tri-State Components (NC) - Vintage Burgundy.

United Steel Supply - Berry. World Class Corrugating - Burgundy. DARK BROWN - Other Names.

Ideal Roofing - Dark Brown. Rigidply Rafters - Dark Brown. ANTIQUE BRONZE - Other Names. Agri-Metal Supply - Burnished Slate. America Best Siding - Burnished Slate.

ASI Improvement Co - Burnished Slate. Brookline Metal Roofing - Antique Bronze. Brookline Metal Roofing - Burnished Slate.

Buckeye Metal Sales - Bronze. Central States - Burnished Slate.

Champion States - Burnished Slate. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Burnished Slate.

Dave's Metal Roofing - Antique Bronze. Deal's Metal Sales - Burnished Slate. Freedom Metals - Burnished Slate. Global Metal Manufactures - Burnished Slate. Graber Post Buildings - Burnished Slate.

H & H Metal Products - Burnished Slate. Hamill Metals - Burnished Slate. Harlan Steel Building - Burnished Slate. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Burnish Slate. Integrity Metals - Burnished Slate.

J & L Metal - Burnished Slate. Jamaestown Steel Company - Burnished Slate. JD Metals - Antique Bronze.

Jensing Bridge - Burnished Slate. Jet Metals - Burnished Slate. Kloeckner Metals - Burnished Slate.

Laurel Valley Hardware - Burnished Slate (49). Lester Buildings - Antique Bronze. Lewis Hill Sales - Antique Bronze. Longreach Steel - Burnished Slate. Luthy Metal Sales - Burnished Slate.

Lyon Metal Roofing - Burnished Slate. Mac Metal Sales - Burnished Slate. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Burnished Slate. Marco Metals - Antique Bronze.

Martin Metal LLC - Burnished Slate. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Burnished Slate.

Metal Exteriors - Burnished Slate. Metal Sales - Burnished Slate (49). Metro Metals - Burnished Slate. Mid Park Metals - Burnished Slate. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Burnished Slate.

Mill Steel - Valspar - Burnished Slate. Miller Metal - Burnished Slate. Neo Metals - Burnished Slate. North Star Metals - Antique Brown.

Paramount Coils - Burnished Slate. Piedmont Door Service - Burnished Slate. Qualiform Metals - Burnished Slate. Quality Metal Roofing - Burnished Slate. Ridge N Valley - Burnished Slate. Rigidply Rafters - Antique Bronze.

Roach Metals - Burnished Slate. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Burnished Slate. Sheffield Metals - Medium Bronze. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Burnished Slate.

Stony Point Metals - Burnished Slate. Taylor Steel - Burnished Slate. Tri-State Components (NC) - Burnished Slate.

Union Steel - Burnished Slate. United Steel Supply - Antique Bronze. United Steel Supply - Burnished Slate. World Class Corrugated - Antique Bronze. WV Metal - Burnished Slate.

SLATE GRAY - Other Names. A B Martin - Slate Gray. Cons Metal Prod - Slate Gray. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Slate Gray.

Sheffield Metals - Slate Gray. SLATE BLUE - Other Names. A B Martin - Hawaiian Blue.

A B Martin - Slate Blue. Agri-Metal Supply - Hawaiian Blue. America Best Siding - Hawaiian Blue. ASI Improvement Co - Hawaiian Blue. Brookline Metal Roofing - Hawaiian Blue.

Buckeye Metal Sales - Hawaiian Blue. Champion Building - Hawaiina Blue. Cons Metal Prod - Slate Blue.

D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Hawaiian Blue. Dave's Metal Roofing - Hawaiian Blue.

Deal's Metal Sales - Hawaiian Blue. Flexospan - #400 Slate Blue.

Freedom Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Graber Post Buildings - Blue. H & H Metal Products - Hawaiian Blue.

Hamill Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Slate Blue. Ideal Roofing - Slate Blue. Integrity Metals - Slate Blue. Interstate Metals - Ocean Blue.

Jamaestown Steel Company - Hawaiian Blue. JD Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Jensing Bridge - Light Stone. Jet Metals - Hawaian Blue. Kloeckner Metals - Hawaiian Blue.

Kyfus Metal - Hawaiian Blue. Lester Buildings - Slate Blue. Lewis Hill Sales - Hawaiian Blue.

Longreach Steel - Hawaiian Blue. Lyon Metal Roofing - Hawaiin Blue. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Slate Blue.

Mac Metal Sales - Blue. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Hawaiian Blue.

Marco Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Martin Metal LLC - Blue. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Hawaiian Blue. McElroy Metal - Roman Blue. Metal Sales - Hawaiian Blue (70).

Metro Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Mid Park Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Hawaiian Blue.

Mill Steel - Valspar - Hawaiian Blue. Miller Metal - Hawaiian Blue. North Star Metals - Blue.

Piedmont Door Service - Hawaiian Blue. Quality Metal Roofing - Hawaiian Blue. Rigidply Rafters - Caribbean Blue.

Ritter Circle - Hawaiian Blue. Roach Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Blue. Sheffield Metals - Slate Blue. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Hawaiian Blue.

Stony Point Metals - Hawaiian Blue. Taylor Steel - Hawaiian Blue.

Tri-State Components (NC) - Hawaiian Blue. Union Steel - Royal Blue. United Steel Supply - Hawaiian Blue.

World Class Corrugating - Slate Blue. WV Metal - Sky Blue. Wytheville Metals - Hawaiian Blue. DARK BRONZE - Other Names.

A B Martin - Dark Bronze. Flexospan - #410 Dark Bronze. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Dark Bronze. Sheffield Metals - Dark Bronze. CHARCOAL GRAY - Other Names.

A B Martin - Charcoal. America Best Siding - Charcoal. ASI Improvement Co - Charcoal. Brookline Metal Roofing - Charcoal Gray. Dave's Metal Roofing - Charcoal Gray. Deal's Metal Sales - Charcoal Gray. Global Metal Manufactures - Charcoal. Graber Post Buildings - Charcoal. H & H Metal Products - Charcoal.

Hamill Metals - Charcoal Gray. Harlan Steel Building - Charcoal. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Charcoal. J & L Metal - Charcoal. Jamaestown Steel Company - Charcoal.

Jensing Bridge - Dark Charcoal. Jet Metals - Charcoal Grey. Kloeckner Metals - Charcoal Gray. Laurel Valley Hardware - Charcoal (17). Lester Buildings - Quaker Gray.

Lewis Hill Sales - Charcoal. Longreach Steel - Charcoaln Gray.

Luthy Metal Sales - Charcoal. Lyon Metal Roofing - Charcoal Gray. Mac Metal Sales - Charcoal.

Maple Lane Metals LLC - Charcoal. Martin Metal LLC - Charcoal.

Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Charcoal. Metro Metals - Charcoal Gray. Mid Park Metals - Charcoal. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Charcoal.

Mill Steel - Valspar - Charcoal. North Star Metals - Dark Gray.

Piedmont Door Service - Charcoal. Quality Metal Roofing - Charcoal Gray. Ridge N Valley - Charcoal.

Rigidply Rafters - Charcoal Gray. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Charcoal.

Slabaugh Metal Sales - Charcoal. Stony Point Metals - Charcoal. Tri-State Components (NC) - Charcoal Gray.

Union Steel - Charcoal Gray. United Steel Supply - Charcoal Gray. World Class Corrugated - Quaker Gray. Wytheville Metals - Charcoal Gray. OCEAN BLUE - Other Names. Global Metal Manufactures - Ocean Blue. Harlan Steel Building - Ocean. J & L Metal - Ocean Blue.

Laurel Valley Hardware - Ocean Blue (35). Luthy Metal Sales - Ocean Blue. Metal Exteriors - Ocean Blue. Metal Sales - Ocean Blue (35).

Paramount Coils - Ocean Blue. Qualiform Metals - Ocean Blue. Ridge N Valley - Ocean Blue. FAB CHARCOAL - Other Names. A B Martin - Charcoal Gary. Buckeye metal Sales - Charcoal. Cons Metal Prod - Charcoal Gray. Lyon Metal Roofing - Dark Gray. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Charcoal. Metal Sales - Charcoal (17). Sheffield Metals - Charcoal Gray. HERON BLUE - Other Names. Ideal Roofing - Heron Blue. GALLERY BLUE - Other Names. A B Martin - Gallery Blue. American Roofing - Gallery Blue. Brookline Metal Roofing - Gallery Blue. Buckeye Metal Sales - Gallery Blue. Champion States - Gallery Blue.

CMP Group - Gallery Blue. Cons Metal Prod - Regal Blue. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Gallery Blue. Dave's Metal Roofing - Gallery Blue. Deal's Metal Sales - Gallery Blue.

Freedom Metals - Gallery Blue. Global Metal Manufactures - Gallery Blue.

Graber Post Buildings - Gallery Blue. Harlan Steel Building - Gallery. Hixwood Metal Roofing - Gallery Blue. Integrity Metals - Gallery Blue. Interstate Metals - Gallery Blue.

J & L Metal - Gallery Blue. JD Metals - Gallery Blue. Jensing Bridge - Ocean Blue. Jet Metals - Gallery Blue.

Kloeckner Metals - Regal Blue. Kyfus Metal - Gallery Blue. Lewis Hill Sales - Gallery Blue. Longreach Steel - Gallery Blue.

Luthy Metal Sales - Gallery Blue. Lyon Metal Roofing - Regal Blue. Maple Lane Metals LLC - Gallery Blue. Marco Metals - Gallery Blue.

Martin Metal LLC - Gallery Blue. Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Regal Blue. Metal Exteriors - Gallery Blue. Metro Metals - Gallery Blue. Mid Park Metals - Gallery Blue. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Regal Blue. Miller Metal - Gallery Blue. Neo Metals - Regal Blue. Paramount Coils - Gallery Blue. Piedmont Door Service - Regal Blue. Quality Metal Roofing - Gallery Blue. Ridge N Valley - Gallery Blue.

Rigidply Rafters - Gallery Blue. Ritter Circle - Gallery Blue. Roach Metals - Regal Blue. Rustic Ridge (WI) - Gallery Blue. Sheffield Metals - Regal Blue.

Slabaugh Metal Sales - Gallery Blue. Stony Point Metals - Gallery Blue. Taylor Steel - Gallery Blue. Tri-State Components (NC) - Gallery Blue. Union Steel - Gallery Blue. United Steel Supply - Gallery Blue.

WV Metal - Gallery Blue. Wytheville Metals - Gallery Blue. A B Martin - Copper Penny. America Best Siding - Copper Penny. American Roofing - Copper Penny.

ASI Improvement Co - Copper Penny. Brookline Metal Roofing - Copper. Buckeye Metal Sales - Copper. Central States - Copper Metallic. D&B Metal Roofing Supply - Copper.

Dave's Metal Roofing - Copper. Global Metal Manufactures - Copper Metallic. Graber Post Buildings - Copper. Harlan Steel Building - Copper.

J & L Metal - Copper. Kloeckner Metals - Copper Metallic. Kyfus Metal - Copper Metallic. Laurel Valley Hardware - Native Copper (190). Luthy Metal Sales - Copper.

Lyon Metal Roofing - Copper. Lyon Metal Standing Seam - Copper. Mac Metal Sales - Copper Penny. Marco Metals - Copper Metallic.

Max Kendall Lumber & Tin - Copper Penny. Metal Exteriors - Copper Metallic. Metal Sales - Native Copper. Mid Park Metals - Copper. Mill Steel - AkzoNobel - Copper Penny.

Paramount Coils - Copper Metallic. Piedmont Door Service - Copper Penny. Qualiform Metals - Native Copper. Quality Metal Roofing - Copper Metallic. Ridge N Valley - Copper Metallic.

Ritter Circle - Copper Metallic. Roach Metals - Copper Penny.

Rustic Ridge (WI) - Copper. Slabaugh Metal Sales - Copper Metallic. Stony Point Metals - Copper.

Union Steel - Copper Metallic. United Steel Supply - Copper Metallic. WV Metal - Copper Penny. DARK BLUE - Other Names. A B Martin - Dark Blue.

Lester Buildings - Dark Blue. World Class Corrugating - Dark Blue.

Wytheville Metals - Navy Blue.
METAL ROOFING SCREWS Bulk 1-1/2 (1000) Colored Metal Siding and Roofing Screws    METAL ROOFING SCREWS Bulk 1-1/2 (1000) Colored Metal Siding and Roofing Screws